Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Reading

A few weeks ago I decided to tap into my inner school-girl and give myself summer reading assignments. I created a not-so-short summer reading list that I figured would last me 3 months. Of course, being the Speedy Gonzales of reading, I realized I'd probably zip through that list in 3 weeks rather than months. Seriously, I read like it's going out of style.
Anywho... I'm SO glad I made this list. Although I haven't gotten very far in it - considering I keep adding books to it rather than reading the ones already listed - I have come across some absolutely fabulous reads and wanted to write down my thoughts of them.

Hunger Games Trilogy - OMG... I NEVER thought this would be something I liked and OMG was I wrong! OMG. haha. While I love reading, it generally takes a lot to really get me invested a book and let it become a part of me. These three books totally did that after only a few chapters. I found myself wanting to kick Katniss and hug her at the same time. I fell in love with Peeta even before she did and threatened to throw the book across the room if she ended up with Gale. I wanted to kill... Okay, you see my investment here?

The Sky is Everywhere - I'm not really a crier when it comes to books. In fact, there really aren't many I remember crying over. And I don't mean tearing up. I mean, CRYING. Curling up in the bed and soaking your pillow crying, hating the book and the writer for making you cry but wanting to go on because you owe it to the character to hear her story. Yup... this book is the culprit for making me cry. The plot is pretty simple: girl's older sister dies unexpectedly and she deals with the aftermath. Already that's sad! Add to it that the girl's mom ran off when she was little, she's making out with her sister's boyfriend and the new guy in town is in love with her but dumps her because she's making out with her sister's boyfriend and whoa... emotional roller coaster for me! Oh, and did I mention all the poetry she writes about her dead sister at the beginning of every chapter? I know this sounds like a terrible book, but trust me when I say all the crying was well worth the read.

Starcrossed - I was SO excited when I finally got this book! I had been waiting weeks to read it and it was so worth the wait! I was still in love days after finishing the last page. I wanted to read it again and again the second I closed the cover - in fact, I did go back and re-read some parts. Just to make myself happy. The story follows Helen, a girl who doesn't quite fit in, who finds out just why she doesn't fit quite in: she's the child of a demi-god. And there are others out there, just like her. Including Lucas, the dreamy guy who just moved to town. But when they find out that they are reincarnations of Helen of Troy and Paris, they realize they cannote be together or risk starting another Trojan War. Ohhh.... this book was so good! Only downside... the sequel doesn't come out until next YEAR! Ugh!!! This is why I don't get into series at the beginning; I HATE WAITING!!!

There have been several others I've read so far this summer, but these are the ones I've loved best so far. It's gonna take a lot to top them! Happy Summer to all!

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