Monday, July 11, 2011

7 Favorite Harry Potter Moments #1 and #2

With almost a 10 year age difference between my sister and me there really are very few things we've shared over the years. But when our mom forced me to take her to the movies 10 years ago to see Harry Potter and the Sorcer's Stone, who knew that would be the start of something special?

Danielle and I have gone to see every Harry Potter movie together over the years and, in 5 days, it will all be over. So, rather than get all weepy now, I wanted to discuss my favorite moments over the past 10 years. And, in keeping with Harry Potter, I've decided to list my favorite 7.

#1 - The midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
By this movie our sisterly tradition of going to see Harry Potter had really taken root and we both were excited about it so we decided to go to the midnight premiere. This would also be the LAST midnight premiere of Harry Potter that we would go to. Danielle fell asleep during it. I was constantly having to wake her up. She thought it was boring. I still tease her about not being able to handle staying up late.

#2 - Harry Potter costume = fail
I thought it would be funny to dress up in a Harry Potter costume before going to the movies to see what my sister would say. So I put on my old black graduation robe, a scarf and my glasses and went to sit in the living room to wait on her. My mom laughed but when Danielle walked in, she took one look at me and said "Okay, are you ready to go?" Apparently she didn't think it was funny...

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