Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guest Blogger: Emilie Bunnell - She speaka de Spanish good!

In response to my previous post regarding my fears of moving to New York City, my good friend Emilie has decided to give a rebuttal and feature as a guest blogger on the awesomeness that is my blog. So without further ado...

I realize that its a daunting experience packing up your things and traveling miles and miles into a crazy and unknown city. As a real New Yorker I have a few rebuttal comments to your fears about moving to the city to help ease your nerves.

1. All the superheroes live in new York for the most obvious reason - the fairest damsels in distress reside here. What do you think all the explosions, destruction, and bridge dangling is caused by? Same reason for the troubles in Troy - beautiful women. (The spandex they wear is for the woman to make sure there is no false advertising in our superhero crushes.)

2. Giant marshmallows are delicious. What you missed is everyone plucking a piece for their hot cocoa on their walk around the city in the winter. The Statue of Liberty was clearly being kind to tourists by walking to Times Square making it easier for them to find her. And that giant ape you saw was really just a window washer.

3. First, better the hero then the villain, right? Also, how amazing would that proposal story be? "So how did he propose?" "Well I was hanging by the ankles from the Brooklyn Bridge when he swung in, kicked a green goblin's ass, kissed me upside down as he pulled me to safety, then dropped to one knee and proposed as he pulled off his mask." Ahhh romantic.

4. Hate in NYC? River of slime?? What are these things you speak of? NYC is the city of love. The city of friendship. Its the place people dream of moving to. Its romantic, and exciting, and full of opportunity. It's the thing of movies and music and art. There is no city better!! That bit of slime is from New Jersey. Not all states can be great.

5. Rats are to New York what cows are to the country. Next trip I will teach you rat tipping.

6. Stabler, Caffrey, Ames, Flack, Reagan...the list of attractive men fighting crime in this city goes on and on. Safety and eye candy. What more could a girl ask for?

7. Don't worry about dancing gangs. Life in New York is like all the great high school movies from the 90s. When the music starts everyone knows the dance!! It's part of your initiation to the city. And if you are lucky Neil Patrick Harris is in the dancing gang. I mean who wouldn't want to be in a dance gang with NPH?!

And thus ends my rebuttals for why New York is the city. Have no fear my friend. Falling in love with a spandex wearing employed superhero will be the least of your worries when you start apartment searching and realize your budget only allows for places that have either a shower or a toilet. Shacking up with Spidey might look like a good idea then.”

I sort of hate her for this...

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