Monday, January 31, 2011

I've had this list since November and I've done a grand total of ZERO things on my list. I've started some... just haven't actually finished any of them. So I thought what I would do is reevaluate some of these items and see if they're still things I want to do. Well, do as part of a "I have to do these things or I'll feel like I failed in life" kind of way. I'll make changes as necessary.

1) Get my diplomas framed. - Yep, still a good one.
2) Go to Harry Potter World - I'm going... with or without you!
3) Fall head-over-hills in love with something - I just realized I said "hills" rather than "heels."
4) Visit NYC and take my picture in front of Tiffany's wearing sunglassese and eating a Danish (or a cranberry muffin from Au Bon Pain) - working on this one!
5) See Wicked or Rent... or both!
6) Write a book and work on getting it published - I'm on Chapter 10.
7) Spend a shameful amount of money on something shamelessly - I actually have this item picked out!
8) Travel to Greece (optional: Meet a handsome Greek man and have a vacation fling)
9) Go to a Karaokee bar and sing something like "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" or "I Will Always Love You" - This one really has me like seriously nervous. I WANT to do it, but the thought of doing it actually terrifies me. Maybe if someone sang with me I wouldn't be so nervous...
10) Read Gone with the Wind - Anyone have a copy I can borrow? The library apparently doesn't have it.
11) Do something charitable
12) Join some type of club - Oddly, this one isn't as easy as I thought.
13) Own the following complete series - Scrubs, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls
14) Learn to speak/read Greek
15) Meet a celebrity - And not like James Spann celebrity... like a real celebrity. Preferably one of the following: Neal Patrick Harris, Zac Effron or Henry Cavill
16) Find a great recipe for a dish that I can make and bring to parties/holiday gatherings/family events/etc. so I can bring something other than deviled eggs (which I can only bring if someone else boils the eggs for me) - I'm changing this one to "Learn to make really good pies."
17) Learn how to boil eggs - I actually did this a few weeks ago but wanted to make sure I could do them without my mom telling me how to.
18) Be able to run a mile - will be starting back with Cindy (my Wii trainer) in January!
19) Buy bedroom furniture - I still haven't figured this one out. On the one hand, it would be nice to own matching bedroom furniture. On the other, I don't want to get it until I'm settled somewhere because I could end up somewhere where I have to live in a matchbox apartment or something and then I'm screwed.
20) Move/live somewhere outside of Alabama
21) Create a signature drink and name it something using my name... like a Canditini
22) Spend a day at the spa
23) Face a fear
24) Get a boob job - This one really needs to be changed. As much as I would love one, I don't want to do this as part of a list of things to do. So I'm gonna change it to stop eating meat for 6 months. I know that's a weird one but I gave up meat for Lent last year and even though it was hard I legitimately felt amazing once I got used to it.
25) Donate to my college's (HES) alumni fund and my sorority
26) Take a chance on someone and see where it leads
27) Improve my credit score - Yeah, this one's boring. It's going to change to "Go to a casino" or "Go to Mardi Gras." Who wants to go with me?!
28) Take a really good picture of myself
29) Learn how to change a tire
30) Overcome my fear of commitment

Now that those changes have been made I guess I should get started!

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