Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear Zac Efron...

Because there's really nothing better to do on a Wednesday afternoon at 2:10 pm... and honestly, who really wants to work... Here are our letters to Zac Efron. Please enjoy.

Dear Zac Efron,
I would like to present you with an opportunity to play the leading man in the screen adaptation of my not yet named story.


Dear Zac Efron,
Candice's yet to be named and published story will be directed for film by me. I believe in one-on-one prep time. I think this will enhance both our careers.

Sincerly yours,

Writing letters to Zac Efron also led to this shame spiral...


ps. sorry for no spaces i just got really excited

pps marry me?

ppps i promise i'm not crazy

ppps please dont file for a restraining order

Dear John Cusack,

Do you mind if I call you John Cusack? I would just like to warn you that if you do indeed marry Emilie, you'll have to wake her up every morning with holding a boombox over your head. Also, I loved you in Clueless. Oh wait, that was Paul Rudd. My bad.

Thanks, Candice

Dear John,

Is it ok if after we get married that I name our first child Lloyd?

Yours Affectionally,

Watch out Logan Lerman and Harry Potter... you're next!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Logan,
    I don't know you, but you are kinda cute. Call me when you are 18.
    Love, Emilie

    Dear Harry Potter,
    No one can break our love. Except for maybe Zac Efron. And John Cusack. But number three isn't bad right?
    Love Always, Emilie