Friday, July 15, 2011

7 Favorite Harry Potter Moments #5, #6 and #7

Today's the day. The day it all ends. The final Harry Potter movie is officially out in theaters and in a few hours my sister and I will be sitting in our awesome D-Box seats waiting to watch our three favorite wizards try to destroy He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Today will prove to be a very non-productive day... as if any of my days really are!

#5 - That moment of "huh?" that I had after watching HP:OOTP
Yeah, I know that doesn't sound like a very memorable moment on the surface, but trust me, it was. After watching Order of the Phoenix I remember leaving the theater thinking "okay, I am TOTALLY lost here." So I decided to finally read the books. I was unable to put them down. As I am a super-reader, I'm pretty sure I went through books 1-6 in like a week. So thanks whoever wrote, directed, produced, whatever the 5th installment. I owe you one!

#6 - That time Hermione grasped Ron's hand
Who DIDN'T squeal when this happened? Okay... maybe no one did. Maybe I didn't either. But it seriously was cute.

#7 - Tie between waiting for the Inferi to grab Harry's hand and waiting for my sister's shock when Snape killed Dumbledore, both in the Half-Blood Prince
This is probably one of the drawbacks to reading a book before seeing the movie based off it. You know what's going to happen before it happens. Of course, when you know it's going to happen and it's something that you know is going to startle you, that does make it even more exciting. When we were watching HP:HBP I remember sitting in suspense, waiting for that deathly hand to pop out of the water and grab Harry. And then it did! Yikes!

The next thing I was really looking forward to was Snape killing Dumbledore. Unfortunately when I was reading the books I read something about how Dumbledore had been killed, so I knew it was coming. However, I didn't know Snape had done it and it was a very definite "whoa!" moment. So I knew that in the movie this scene was going to be very similar for my sister. I kept glancing over at her during this whole scene to get her reaction. Boy was she surprised!

Whew, at least she didn't act like this!

So there it is... my 7 favorite Harry Potter moments. And so as to not leave on a sad ending, here are two of my favorite Harry Potter videos.

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