Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 10 #1

Candice Morris' Top Ten Famous People I would Like to Meet

1) J.K. Rowling - Of course she makes my list. How could she not?! I find her absolutely amazing and an phenomenal writer. I think if I ever get to meet her I would ask her three things: First, how does she handle being one of the COOLEST people on Earth and what advice does she have for when I'm one of the coolest people on Earth?
Next, what was the point in making Dumbledore gay? I mean, does it have some reasoning behind it or did you just wake up one morning and think 'hm, I think Dumbledore should be gay.' Because honestly, I see no purpose for it. Was he supposed to have had an affair with that Grindle guy?

Finally, I would ask what she has against Susan Pevensie. Just because she wears lipstick doesn't mean she had sex. Geez. I think we would have a good debate.

2) Joss Whedon - One of my all-time FAVORITE directors/producers/writers/everything! I literally would watch anything that he had his hand in, even if it was ridiculously stupid! (Um, hello Dr. Horrible?) Seriously though, shows that he has been a part of have been favorites of mine since I was 15 and even now, looking back at them (and re-watching them all the time) I find that they are still just as amazing as they were 13 years ago. Poignant and original, funny and thoughtful, they tug at your heart and make you think. They also have cute boys and funny songs.

3) Trent Reznor - I'm sure you're thinking "huh? how did he get on that list?" I may be thinking that too, but I have thought Trent Reznor to be one of the greatest musicians ever since I was in middle school. After snagging his Oscar this past year I bet you're finding yourself agreeing with me. No, I was never into Nine Inch Nails. No I couldn't really tell you anything he's ever written. And honestly, I might be a little scared to meet him... But I seriously consider him awesome.

4) Madeleine Albright - As far as heroes go, she could be a good candidate for one of mine. Her childhood, her upbringing, bravery, etc... all admirable. But her
career is absolutely... wow. She did things people only dream of. And became the first woman Secretary of State. Thanks Bill Clinton. One thing I've loved about her for a good while is her brooches. What better way to give a big "F-you!" to people who piss you off or you want to show up? That's what she did. She wore them to communicate to people in her own way of how negotiations and talks were going. How cool is that?!

5) Tina Fey - OBVIOUSLY!!! She's only like my hero! Okay... that's probably going a little overboard, but I seriously love her and have mad respect for everything she's done. I feel like she's a role model to glasses wearing, slightly dorky brunettes everywhere.

6) Robert Schwartzman - I just recently discovered him and really there is no deeper meaning other than he's hot and he can sing. I know there's probably more to him, but I haven't been Princess Stalkerpants enough to figure out what that is. However, Tuscaloosa now has an amphitheater... I think we need to get Rooney to come play and I could set up some catering for them! And then personally oversee it and just happen to hint to Robert that I could show him the town... It could be fun!

7) Zach Braff - Wow... I think he would probably be my first choice on this list to meet (aside from Robert Schwartzman, haha). I am 100% convinced that I would love to spend like an hour just talking music with Zach Braff. I sometimes feel like my ipod is basically one giant Scrubs episode. Also, I would like to sing "Steak Night" and "Waffle Time" with him... I think it would be epic.

8) Neil Patrick Harris - Can we just say genius! I've only recently renewed my love of NPH, but it has come back strong. As a child Doogie Howser, M.D. reassured me that I too could be a doctor at age 16. Needless to say, I did not become one due to... well, due to the fact that no one can be a doctor at 16. Except NPH because he is legen wait for it... dary!

9) Condoleezza Rice - Good ol Condy. I'm surprised I haven't met her already to be honest. She comes to UA like every other month. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but she has been here at least twice. In fact, last time she was here we did a bunch of catering for her. You're welcome, Condy. I'm not really sure why I would really want to meet her, but I think it has to do with a) she's single, b) she's a former Republican Secretary of State, and c) she likes to shop! Soooo maybe those aren't good reasons. I didn't say this list had to be profound.

10) Marian Keyes - I would say she's one of my favorite writers, but my enjoyment of her books have been pretty hit or miss. Which I know is odd that I want to meet her. I think the reason I do is because of her book "Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married."
It is my all time, never to be topped favorite book that has ever been written. There's some movie or book (I don't remember) where the main character looks up passages in Anna Karenananasdflkas (no clue how to spell that) and uses them as advice for her life. I do that with Lucy Sullivan. Advice on boys? Chapter 7. Advice on crazies? Chapter 11. Hopeful little section on getting your best guy friend in the sack and to fall in love with you? Last chapter... which I read over and over again.

So there you have it: my Top 10 Famous People I would Like to Meet. Who are yours?

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