Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fine... a Sequel

Due to the enormous amount of whining... I mean... no, whining... that my previous story generated here is the sequel to "Because I couldn't sleep."

Princess Schmandis, fresh from a wonderful night's rest and a glorious morning, went to visit her friend Lady Chemilie, who had graciously sent Prince Finn to find her. Although it was a terrible morning for Schmandis she decided to comfort her dear friend due to her sadness over not being a princess. Schmandis was happy that Lady Chemilie truly felt that deep down she was a princess, nay a queen, and wanted to help her friend become what she believed she was.

But Chemilie had a terrible secret. Years earlier she had fallen into the trap of the evil sorcerer Gramichael, tempted by promises of fulfillment and riches. She was now held prisoner by him, waiting for the day of her freedom, but it never seemed to arrive.

When Schmandis arrived at the castle where Chemilie lived she was startled to see how beautiful it actually was. She climbed the stairs to the tower to find Chemilie but was startled to see that her friend was stuck in a three sided cage rather than a beautiful luxurious room she had so often imagined.

"Why Chemilie! How can you stand living here?" Schmandis exclaimed. "It is my fault; I promised my services to the evil Gramichael for a year and now I do not think I shall ever escape!" Chemilie cried. Schmandis thought hard. How unfair was it that Chemilie, who was always so gracious and kind, should be locked in a tower while she, a beautiful princess, had met the handsome Prince Finn who sang to her whenever she wanted? Chemilie should have as much luck as her!

"I have an idea to get you out of here!" Schmandis said. "But how? Evil Gramichael continues to pile work on. I'll never be finished!" Chemilie argued. "My handsome friend, Chake Grillyenwall, will come and defeat Gramichael. I know once he sees you he will instantly fall in love and wisk you away from here," Schamndis explained. "But why would he not love you more? You are a princess and I... I am not," Chemilie said with a sigh. "If you believe you are a princess, then you shall be a princess," Schmandis said. And so, Chemilie was a princess from that day on out.

The gallant Chake did show up and challenged the evil Gramichael. The sorcerer was defeated and, as Schmandis predicted, Chake fell in love with Chemilie. Luckily for Chemilie Chake was a prince in his own kingdom and he took her away from the tower and made her his bride. And they lived happily ever after.

Three months later Schmandis dumped Prince Finn because she met the lead singer of Crooney. With his ties to one of the most powerful families in all the land and being a very handsome man she fell instantly in love and they lived happily ever after.

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