Thursday, December 9, 2010

Up-a-date! Up-a-date!

My boss actually said that to me once. I think he was feeling particularly hyper or something. So now, whenever I think about the word "update" him saying that pops into my head and I sometimes will say it that way in my mind.

After a bit of thinking about my list I made, I felt that some of those things really aren't necessary to do because I don't actually do them in my life now. Such as learning how to balance my checkbook. I already know how to do that - known how to since I opened my account at 17. I just don't do it. What's the point when I look on my bank's website nearly everyday?

So that got me thinking... what should I do instead? I think something that really is important that probably NEEDS to be done by the time I'm 30 is improving my credit score. Thanks to a couple of nasty little credit cards and graduate school, my score probably looks worse than Chernobyl. So, from here on out, #27 is "Work on improving my credit score."

I will up-a-date this on the original list as well.

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