Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday Week Celebration!!!! Sunday

It's that time of year again: birthday time! This year is a special one. 29! Woot! Okay, so nothing is really THAT special about 29 except that it means there's only 364 days left until I'm no longer able to say I'm in my 20s. Which is a slightly scary yet satisfying feeling.

To kick off my last birthday of my 20s I've decided I'm going to celebrate all week. Why reserve only one day for celebrating I always say. Each day this week I plan on doing something fun for myself, whether buying a little happy, taking time to relax and get pampered or going to dinner with friends.

Sunday kicked off the celebration, which is now going to be called Birthdaython. While shaping up to be a dull and rainy day, magically got better once the rain stopped. After a trip to the library resulted in having to go buy AAA batteries for an audiobook (I feel insanely old using this. What is this new fangled whatchamacallit? How does it work? Argh the screen is too small!) I found a new wallet! Grown ups carry wallets and, since I am closing in on 30, it's high time I left my little keychain wallet thingy behind. Although this is only a new thing; I've been using wallets since college.

Moving on to more birthday fun: Later in the day my mom asked me to come into the living room and she handed me a card. Inside was a "coupon" for "reasonably priced" tickets to WICKED!!! She wanted me to go ahead and buy my tickets for whatever day I wanted. So that means in just over a month I will be crossing off something on my list AND seeing Wicked. I am wicked excited.

Sunday night also turned out to be a night of exciting premiers on TV, so I had a full night of happy shows. And, thanks to DVR, I didn't have to miss any of them or rush to fix dinner/take bath/do laundry in the 2 minute commercial breaks. Once Upon a Time, one of my new favorite shows, returned and it was just wonderful. I've missed it! Also... and this is huge... DOWNTON ABBEY IS BACK!!! Oh, the 2 hour season premier was wonderful. I cannot say enough, except Maggie Smith is my hero.

Finally, the best thing of the day - although everything else is pretty hard to top - is that... well I don't want to tell you because it's a secret. But let me just say... happy dance!

And so ends Sunday's Birthdaython. What will Monday bring? Stay tuned!

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