Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where I've been is where I wanted to go

So it's been 3 months since I last blogged here. What?! Yeah, I know. I've been busy! No excuse... I thought I should update what all I've been doing because I've kind of started wondering what the heck I've been doing the past 3 months!

Football Season - I know it's lame for me to say "Oh, well it's football season. Of course I've been busy!" Every football fan who's worth his salt says this. Of course, they're usually just fans who use that as an excuse. Me? I WORK during football season.* If it's a home game, I'm swamped with tailgating orders and coddling fans, not to mention I actually work on game day for 6+ hours feeding said fans (who are now hungry and drunk). If it's an away week, that doesn't mean we've got an off week. No, I'm getting ready for the next home game, catching up from all the work I DIDN'T get done on home game week... Let's also not forget we had the biggest game of the year (or decade in some people's opinions) here in town (LSU vs. UA for all you people who live outside the south (or under a rock)). Needless to say, football season wiped me out!

*Yes, I know you probably work too. Don't come after me with torches.
Babies, Babies, Babies! - Okay, so two. And calm down. None of them were mine. One of my good friends had her baby in October which I was super psyched about! And then a few weeks ago my aunt had her baby, which I was also super psyched about! Although I've had many friends and acquaintances have babies, these were the first two friends (and relative) that have had babies and I've gotten to be a part of sharing in their excitement.

New Ventures - A while ago I decided I really wanted to start a website. I don't know why, I just did. Deep down I knew I wanted to start a book review site because I LOVE book review sites almost as much as I love books. So my want of a website broke two ways:

Cupcakes and Cover Letters - Still in the works, but super fun. A friend and I have always joked about starting a business that offers resume/cover letter advice and cupcakes. I thought it would be fun to at least have a website that offers that advice and talks about cupcakes, so we decided to go in together and create our site. It's still new and we're still working on it (we're both major busy) but I have no doubt it's gonna be great once we finally get our thinking caps on.

The Grown Up YA - This has become my baby over the past month. While C&C was fun, I really wanted my own site that I could devote to book reviews and such. And since I have a slightly sad obsession with Young Adult literature... it was a no brainer what my site should be about. It's been super fun working on it and connecting with others to make it a legit site. Now all I need is visitors...

Getting Ready to Move - Yes, you heard it right. I'm moving. AGAIN. Unfortunately it's nowhere fun. Just back to my parents'. Luckily this time it should only be for a short while. My lease was up and I hate my apartment complex so I decided not to renew and move home for a bit so I could look for something perfect rather than be rushed into another crappy apartment. Upside? 3 hours of driving a day means lots of books on tape!

Netflix - I hoped to teach those greedy so and so's a lesson by cancelling my membership when they price gouged their product. But then I really wanted to watch an episode of Scrubs and I rejoined. Don't judge. Since I renewed my membership I've been catching up on shows I missed seasons of (30 Rock, Parks and Recreation) and finding new shows to be obsessed with (Downton Abbey OMG so good!). I currently am geekily obsessed with Merlin. You're welcome SyFy.

New Baby Kitty - A couple months ago I went out one night to run an errand (ie go get ice cream) and saw a couple of cute kittens playing in the neighborhood. So when I came back they were still there and I wanted to play with them. Long story short, I ended up taking one home with me. What the what?! I have no clue what I was thinking but she has been so much fun that I'm glad I acted irrationally and randomly picked up a stray cat. Oh, and her name is Elliott. This is not weird, despite what the vet said.

General Laziness - Okay, none of these things listed above REALLY kept me from blogging as much as me being lazy did.

So now that I've started back on this blog I hope that I can be a regular blogger here. Blog.

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