Tuesday, August 9, 2011

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Earlier today I had a brief, humor-laden serious discussion about the current drop in rating the US just received. At least I think that's what it was about. Whatever it was about it led me to say this:
and I think that we've completely [screwed] up this country over the past decade so it's almost beyond repair... like someone's going to have to give and no one is willing to do it
Which led to this gem:
oh god... this is how all those dystopian books start... a corrupt government, overthrowing it by the people... damnit! pretty soon they're either going to wipe us out or we're going to resort to the middle ages and be forced to marry and have babies!

Recently I've somehow subconciously discovered what is referred to as dystopian novels. For those who don't know what this means - don't worry, I didn't either at first - it's basically the opposite of utopian. Don't know what utopian means? What? Did you never see Ever After with Drew Barrymore? Pshh...

Dystopian mainly refers to "the idea of a society in a repressive and controlled state, often under the guise of being utopian." From Wikipedia. We all know it's a reliable source.

Now I'm seriously NOT a conspiracy theory nut or one of those "keep the government outta here!" type people. I'm really not. I truly still want to ahave faith in the government and believe that it's still "for the people." Although lately our government hasn't given me much hope. And isn't that slowly how dystopian societies in these books start? The people are dissatisfied with the government, they revolt, they riot, they try to overturn the government and either the government wipes them out or the rioters destroy the government and take over. (See Cuba and their happy ending)

Of course I don't see any of this happening in my lifetime or my potential children's lifetime. I just don't. But if these are the types of people our world is churning out (see below), I just don't see how we can stop a dystopian society from becoming our future.

And I don't mean that they will be the ones to rise up and overtake the goverment. Not unless they can Facebook about it.

Perhaps a dystopian society wouldn't be so bad. As long as you kept your head down and played by the rules maybe you could have a healthy and happy life. According to the many novels out there, apparently everything's taken care of for you. No longer will we have to worry about what our kids learn and whether one school system is better than the other. Everything is equal. Looking for love will be a thing of the past, if love isn't completely eradicated by then. Mates will be chosen for us and we won't have to stress about finding someone before we get too old. We'll all be married at a certain age anyway.

Yes, I know this all makes me sound like a crazy person. But as my friend Loraine* said: "At this point I'd rather do that then work 14 hour days and make no money. At least making babies requires me to be sleeping with a man which is better than right now too"
*Name changed to protect Emilie.

As long as my futuristic, government chosen husband looks like this:
I'd be okay with making babies for a living too.

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